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Sherese Chrétien

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⇒Psychology: The Love RuleMirror Psychology, Mirror Experiential Therapy – available on Amazon plus free access radio and TV series at ever-entertainment.com/ever-explore; Borderline Personality Disorder: A Continuum Paradigm; Communities Taking Care of Their Own… – available on Amazon.

(*in development)

Sherese Chrétien PsyD CPSP CPPC

by Ziyna™

Dr. Sherese Chrétien is an American multi-dimensional talent, athlete, entrepreneur and clinical psychologist born February 28, 1961 as Sherese Christian (she took back the original name spelling of her paternal great great grandfather Jean Baptiste Chrétien who immigrated to America from Trois-Rivières, Quebec, Canada in the late 1800s, fought for the Union in the Civil War, and is heralded in Los Angeles 1918 newspaper clippings as a direct descendent of General Lafayette – though she has not been able to track down the actual genealogical link so far).

Chrétien, who began performing on stage at the age of three, founded Eliyora Entertainment™ LLC in 2006, creating several music personas performing several different genres, as well as several media personalities covering various creative and advocacy pursuits.

Viewing the modern entertainment revenue model as obsolete, Chrétien is creating, A Renaissance and a Revolution™” by returning AND moving forward to a sponsorship business model, similar to professional athletes. Pointing out that all entertainers, artists, writers, and athletes were sponsored by benefactors from the beginning of time, she maintains the environment is right to return to this model heralding a renaissance, while at the same time, revolutionizing the entertainment industry by creating a free, uninterrupted, direct connection between talent and audience via sponsorship.

Chrétien then founded Ever Entertainment® LLC in 2008 as a by-talent-for-talent online, on-demand OTT streaming platform, providing “Whatever, Whenever, Wherever Entertainment – where Talent makes the money and Audiences enjoy free,”™ as the distribution model for her sponsored entertainment content currently in a pilot version at ever-entertainment.com. Her music can be heard free without ads or interruption on Ever Entertainment® with more entertainment content currently in development. A proprietary platform is also currently in development.

Knowing what a positive difference creative expression and experiential outreach can make for the bio-psycho-social-spiritual health of the talent as well as the audience, Chrétien completed her clinical psychology doctorate (PsyD), certification in sports psychology (CPSP), and certification in pastoral counseling (CPPC) in 2022, and is offering her sponsored Mirror Experiential Outreach™ pro bono – encompassing all of her creative expression on Ever® with live Elévé Sur La Vie (High On Life)™ events currently in development.



Early Life

Sherese Chrétien RanchChrétien was born in Carson City, Nevada near Lake Tahoe in the Sierra Mountains, moving near the San Francisco Peaks in Arizona at age three, and then near the Elk Mountains in Colorado at age seven, growing up in the small mountain town of Paonia, Colorado. She grew up in a log cabin with wood heat on an organic farm and Arabian horse ranch then lived on a large cattle ranch. She now lives on the other side of the Elk Mountains in Aspen, Colorado.

Sherese Chrétien VolleyballChrétien excelled throughout school in writing, music, dance, sports, theater, speech, and leadership roles, as well as academics, around her responsibilities on the family ranch and working as a dishwasher in a local cafe starting at 14, and then as morning manager at a convenience store daily throughout high school. She was voted Most Likely To Succeed by her classmates and was the recipient of the “I Dare You” award, among various other achievements and awards.

Chrétien also won a local speech contest, touring 20 states and Niagara Falls, Canada, for the Oddfellows Pilgrimage to the United Nations in New York City, where she then won 1st runner up in a nationwide speech contest.


Sherese Chrétien FitnessChrétien became a certified dance fitness instructor through the International Dance Exercise Association (IDEA), and certified personal trainer through the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM)Sherese Chrétien Creme Brocade Jacket, performing contracts at various fitness centers, a modeling school, and a hospital. Struggling to recover from numerous sports injuries, a serious car accident, and a life-threatening illness served to hone her skills. She also graduated from Élan Modeling Academy, performing various modeling contracts throughout the Denver metro area, including as a Giorgio spokesmodel.

While in college at Colorado State University in Fort Collins, Colorado prior to transferring to the University of Colorado at Boulder to finish her degree, Chrétien was elected president of the Student Board of Communications, overseeing the student newspaper, radio, and television programs.

Chrétien graduated from the University of Colorado in Boulder cum laude with a bachelors of science in journalism/mass communications, concentrating in advertising/integrated marketing communications. Chrétien was accepted into the PhD program in sociology, with a concentration in social psychology/symbolic interaction at the University of Colorado in Boulder, which she attended for six years without finishing her degree due to a family crisis. During this time, she was selected for an academic cultural exchange to Cuba, where she performed with experts in African American spirituals throughout the island. Several of her original theory papers were selected for international conferences.

She later went back to school and graduated magna cum laude from California Southern University with a masters of science (M.S.) in clinical psychology, and graduated magna cum laude with a doctorate in clinical psychology (PsyD), earning specialization certificates summa cum laude in sports psychology (CPSP) and pastoral counseling (CPPC), and is currently an LP license-eligible psychologist in the state of California and an NLC Registered Psychotherapist in the state of Colorado. Upon graduation, she immediately published the five books she had been working on as persona Cerys Love PsyD, making them available to purchase on Amazon, and also offering free access to three of the books in a radio series and television series at Ever Entertainment® and at Cerys Love PsyD™.

She shares that beyond achieving her life mission of making a difference in the world with the message, especially in the philosophy backed by the latest bio-psycho-social-spiritual evidence shared in The Love Rule, then further in the theoretical construct created in Mirror Psychologyand in the application presented in Mirror Experiential Therapy, as well as hoping that her books Communities Taking Care of Their Own and Borderline Personality Disorder can also make a difference for mental health in America and specifically for individuals suffering with the mental disorder and its comorbidities deemed the hardest to treat – her studies inform her writing and her performance. After achieving what she considers her life mission, everything after is an adventure in fulfilling the gifts she has been given and sharing them online – hoping they are the blessing to someone else that expressing them is to her, hopefully inspiring someone to express their own unique gifts.

From a therapeutic bio-psycho-social-spiritual aspect, she believes in experiential Do, Feel – then perhaps Talk, especially for the vast majority of people in the world who do not want to talk about their mental health. She figures being herself out loud is the best example of Mirror Experiential Therapy,™ Mirror Experiential Outreach,™ and Elévé Sur La Vie (High on Life)™ in action she can provide on a humanity level encouraging each individual to do the same, touting Cerys Love PsyD’s – You Woke Up! So…You Matter. Be You. Own Your Life.

Business Career

Chrétien founded Paradunai LLC in 1992 as a personal, professional, and social development firm. Eliyora Entertainment, LLC, Ever Entertainment, LLC and Eloqwe, LLC, the business development focused subsidiary, are all divisions of Paradunai, LLC.

Chrétien has performed contracts for personal development through coaching, fitness, wellness, and behavior modification as a certified dance fitness instructor, certified personal trainer, (Paradunai LLC was also the parent company for Bhati Jayasuriya’s Complementary Care,™ a wellness center providing “An Eastern Complement to Western Medicine™” in New Orleans— for three years until Hurricane Katrina.)

She has performed contracts for professional development through executive coaching, sales, and business development covering industries from sports organizations including the U.S. Olympics, performing arts organizations, fitness companies, vacation companies, universities, auto manufacturers, collection agencies, financial services companies, media companies, security companies, jewelry companies, retailers and non-profit organizations, achieving Series 6, 7, 65, 23 securities, real estate, and insurance licenses in order to perform these contracts.

Chrétien has performed contracts for social development through music, writing, advocacy, and media. Chrétien plans additional social advocacy through the continued expansion of Cerys Love PsyD’s Mirror Experiential Outreach™ and Elévé Sur La Vie (High On Life)™ on Ever Entertainment® and with live events.

Sherese Chrétien Bike PatrolChrétien also became a licensed security professional, licensed private investigator, and FLETC certified federal officer, maintaining a lifelong interest in investigation, deception analysis, and behavior detection, Sherese Chrétien - Federal Officerthat began as a child watching Honey West, the first female private investigator on TV and the TV show Wild Wild West. Chrétien shares that instead of a Barbie doll, she had a Honey West doll with Bruce, Honey West’s pet ocelot, and was busy solving “cases” instead of playing dress up. In real life, she performed executive security for the NBC Studios at the Vancouver 2010 Olympics, receiving commendations personally from Dick Ebersol, Chairman of NBC Sports. As a federal officer she excelled at deception analysis, threat mitigation, behavior detection and screening for explosives, firearms, and other prohibited items until a career-ending injury. Now nearing full recovery she continues with investigation.


Chrétien began volunteering while in high school at KVNF public radio in Paonia, Colorado when it first started. Shortly after high school, she became an environmental investigative journalist, then soon became the news director in addition to hosting music shows. Chrétien also volunteered at KUVO in Denver, Colorado, WWOZ in New Orleans, Louisiana, KAFM in Grand Junction, Colorado, where she began her current Java Jazz® radio show, and KDNK in Carbondale, Colorado. She volunteered for Grassroots TV in Aspen, where she began her Tomorrow TODAY™ television show, which she placed on indefinite hiatus due to the COVID pandemic.

Chrétien volunteered for the Paonia Historical Society during high school, and later for the Western Colorado Economic Development Council, Western Colorado Tourism Council, Delta County Chamber of Commerce, and Paonia Cherry Days Festival.

Chrétien currently volunteers at Cozy Point Ranch in Aspen grooming retired horses. Sherese Chrétien-Jasper

Radio Show

JavaJazz® LogoChrétien moved her Java Jazz® radio show online to her own internet radio station in 2019. She began Java Jazz® in 1998, “Traipsing the jazz timeline and visiting the lands of coffee and chocolate”™ on KAFM in Grand Junction, Colorado. She curates, hosts, and produces the show weekly. Playlists can be seen and archives can be listened to free without ads at Java Jazz®

TV Show

Tomorrow TODAY™ LogoChrétien began her Tomorrow TODAY™ – “Being the Change™” television show on Grassroots TV in 2016, focusing on those making a difference in the Aspen community and the world. She wrote, directed, produced, and hosted the show. Chrétien moved to filming outdoors in the summer around Aspen in 2017, and took an indefinite hiatus due to the COVID pandemic.

Live Concerts

Chrétien to date has produced and performed several live concert fundraisers online at Stage It,™ but found the transmission from the mountains subpar. She is preparing to present a rotating schedule of recorded live online concerts at Ever Live® on the pilot version of Ever Entertainment®

Music Personas

When asked how she came up with the idea to create and perform as different music and media personas, Chrétien stated:

“I suspect I’m doing with Eliyora Entertainment what every artist WANTS to do, but they don’t figure it out until after they’ve mined all the gold from their first pursuit — or they don’t “dare,” or they don’t think they will be “allowed” to. It is in our nature to constantly create, evolve and grow as artists. I stood back and observed how these things go and made sure I have ample room to constantly morph like a kaleidoscope from the very beginning. Each of the personas is a piece of me. They each sing a song or convey a message that I hear and feel, that moves me. At the same time, I cherish my audience and want to make sure I consistently deliver the song or idea they came to hear because I never want them to leave! I want them to trust that they can always count on me. I’m also poking a little fun at the current state of the entertainment business and it’s “celebrity worship,” trying to remind my audience it’s all about the art — it’s entertainment and a message designed to bring them love, joy, and remind them to PLAY!”

So far, Chrétien has created 11 music personas for as many genres, and 1 persona as her composer/producer:

Eliyora-Gospel™ Eliyora-Gospel-Logo Eliyora Gospel
Eres-Celtic-Logo Eres Celtic Eres-Celtic™
Katiya-Brazilian™ Katiya-Brazilian-Logo™ Katiya Brazilian
Rese-Rock-Logo Rese Rock Rese-Rock™
Rhet-Blues™ Rhet-Blues-Logo Rhet Blues
Sech-Groove-Logo Sech Groove Sech-Groove™
Sere-Jazz™ Sere-Jazz-Logo Sere Jazz
Shes-R&B-Logo Shes R&B Shes-R&B™
Tien-TropJazz™ Tien-TropJazz-Logo Tien TropJazz
Olu-World-Logo (in development) Olu-World™
Colorful Glass Tiles (in development) Tie – Kids™
Sherese-Timeless-Originals-Logo (in development) Sherese Timeless-Originals™

Chrétien founded One Take Studios™ in 2010, learning and becoming qualified to teach Apple’s® professional music production software Logic Pro,® as well as integrating several other software programs into her production process, in order to maintain creative control, committing to zero vocal editing with the goal of “keeping it real.” Chrétien aims to produce music that feels like you are in a small venue sitting right in front of her listening. She has so far performed, recorded, produced, and released 10 songs for Sere – Jazz,™ 10 songs for Tien – TropJazz,™ and five songs each as EPs for Eliyora – Gospel,™ Eres – Celtic,™ Katiya – Brazilian,™ Rese – Rock,™ Rhet – Blues,™ Sech – Groove,™ and Shes – R&B,™ which can all be heard free, on demand, without ads or interruption on the pilot version of Ever Entertainment®.



Chrétien has focused on promoting Sere – Jazz™ first, performing live concert fundraisers on Stage-It,™ as well as placing song clips at various locations around the internet. In reviewing Sere – Jazz™ music, other musicians and fans on ReverbNation have stated:

“Pure smoky, post-midnight joy on these tracks for me Sere…just love those deep, intense vocals and the intimate, sway and banter of the band behind…just sounds lush!! Loving your skills.” — MikeWhitePresents

“Nice vocals … sweet and rich like warm, dark chocolate dripping in my ears…” — Theo Czuk

“So blue…” — GLASNOZT

“What an incredibly beautiful voice. One in a million !!” — Cody Tripp 2

“Like silk… so relaxing. . .” — Renora Code

“Ella Is Smiling At You.” — Daun-Te

“I love your velvet voice :)” — Leah Kremer

“Sweet like Honey !!!”​ — Salt NZ

“Beautiful and intelligent music…” — John Vallo

“Stunning vocals and superb musicianship ~…” — Marc Leon

“Beautiful passion in your soulful voice on “Motherless Child”​ Sere!”— John Revitte

“Your voice is so moving.” — Workout Music

“Your voice is impossibly smooth…” — Frey Geoffreux

“Candle is delicious. Smoky jazz vocals, lovely.” — Sezrah Sylvan

“Tender and soulful, warm and touching…very sensitive with complexity…treat for the ears!”​ — John Cittadino

Media Personas

Chrétien has also created 3 media personas pursuing her other creative interests and her advocacy endeavors, which are all in varying stages of development:


Cerys Love PsyD

Ever Entertainment

Cerys Love PsyD™ The Love Rule,™ Mirror Psychology,™ and Mirror Experiential Therapy,™ Mirror Experiential Outreach,™ Elévé Sur La Vie (High On Life)™ Cerys Love PsyD Logo    
Loren Christensen - Health & Beauty™ Loren-Christensen-LogoLoren Christensen – Health & Beauty,™ representing De Dans Dance Fitness Studio,Waist – An Hourglass Boutique,™ and Lassana Café™
(in development)    
Java Jazz Standing Logo
The Creator Athlete™
( in development)
Ziyna – DJ/VJ/Journalist™
see Java Jazz®
& see The Creator Athlete™



As Aren Benoit:

Aren Benoit - Mirror Appointment Setting Book Cover ImageMirror Appointment Setting: How to Go Beyond Blitzing to Building Long-Term B2B Prospect Relationships Step-by-Step, 2013 – Written as Aren Benoit by Sherese Chrétien for Eliyora Entertainment LLC (available on Amazon).

Bill Please - Consumers Driving Health Care Book Cover ImageBill Please: Consumers Driving Health Care, 2016 – Written as Aren Benoit by Sherese Chrétien for Eliyora Entertainment LLC with Rylan Klaseen (available on Amazon).

Fill The Gap - Saving Consumer-Driven Health Care Book Cover ImageFill the Gap: Saving Consumer-Driven Health Care, 2016 – Written as Aren Benoit by Sherese Chrétien for Eliyora Entertainment LLC with Rylan Klaseen (available on Amazon).


As Cerys Love PsyD:

Communities Taking Care of Their Own – and Saving U.S. Society Billions: An Economical and Ethical Analysis of the Promise of the 1963 Community Mental Health Care Act Realized – Written as Cerys Love PsyD by Sherese Chrétien PsyD, CPSP, CPPC for Eliyora Entertainment LLC (available on Amazon).

Borderline Personality Disorder: A Continuum Paradigm – Written as Cerys Love PsyD™ by Sherese Chrétien PsyD, CPSP, CPPC for Eliyora Entertainment LLC (available on Amazon).


The Love RuleWritten as Cerys Love PsyD™ by Sherese Chrétien PsyD, CPSP, CPPC for Eliyora Entertainment LLC (available on Amazon).

Mirror Psychology – Written as Cerys Love PsyD™ by Sherese Chrétien PsyD, CPSP, CPPC for Eliyora Entertainment LLC (available on Amazon).


Mirror Experiential Therapy – Written as Cerys Love PsyD™ by Sherese Chrétien PsyD, CPSP, CPPC for Eliyora Entertainment LLC (available on Amazon).





Ever Entertainment™ LogoEver Entertainment® LLC
Ever Entertainment® – “Whatever-Whenever-Wherever Entertainment – Where Talent Makes The Money & Audiences Enjoy Free™” – is an on demand OTT streaming platform where Talent retain 100% of sponsorship revenue from their channel. Ever Radio® provides audiences the opportunity to listen to original talent content in a curated programmed streaming radio format. Ever TV® (in development) will provide audiences the opportunity to watch original talent content in a curated programmed streaming television format. Ever Explore® provides audiences the opportunity to listen, watch, view and read original talent content on demand. Ever Talent® Channels (in development) will showcase Ever® talent. Ever Live® (in development) will provide audiences the opportunity to watch live events by Ever® talent. Finally, Ever Marketplace® (in development) invites brands to the table in a revolutionary way – as entertainment content – declaring shopping as entertainment that fits right in – providing audiences the ability to shop on demand while they enjoy all that Ever® has to offer – uninterrupted. Ever Entertainment® creates an audience-centric entertainment ecosystem enabling audiences, talent, sponsors and brands to all benefit!

Eloqwe LLCEloqwe™ Brand
Eloqwe LLC is the business development division of Paradunai LLC.

Eliyora Entertainment LLCEliyora Entertainment Logo

Eliyora Entertainment Java Jazz®
Cerys Love Psyd The Creator Athlete

Sherese Timeless-Originals™

Original Songs

Persona Genre Title Composer Length Year
Eliyora™ Gospel “All Doors” Sherese Timeless™ 5:26 2011
Eliyora™ Gospel “Fly Away” Sherese Timeless™ 3:27 2011
Eliyora™ Gospel “Sacred Love” Sherese Timeless™ 4:51 2011
Eliyora™ Gospel “Turn” Sherese Timeless™ 3:10 2011
Eliyora™ Gospel “You Love You” Sherese Timeless™ 3:45 2011
Eres™ Celtic “Ansley’s Fire” Sherese Timeless™ 4:05 2011
Eres™ Celtic “Bottle of Myrrh” Sherese Timeless™ 3:55 2011
Eres™ Celtic “Pippy’s Shadow” Sherese Timeless™ 5:36 2011
Eres™ Celtic “Song of the Dolphin” Sherese Timeless™ 4:15 2011
Eres™ Celtic “The Mist” Sherese Timeless™ 5:08 2011
Katiya™ Brazilian “Come To Me Awake” Sherese Timeless™ 6:00 2011
Katiya™ Brazilian “Sweet Sweet Smile” Sherese Timeless™ 4:27 2011
Katiya™ Brazilian “Tangerine Patchouli” Sherese Timeless™ 3:08 2011
Katiya™ Brazilian “Water Dancer” Sherese Timeless™ 3:17 2011
Katiya™ Brazilian “Carnaval Time” Sherese Timeless™ 2:39 2011
Rese™ Rock “Beggar” Sherese Timeless™ 4:36 2011
Rese™ Rock “Cotton Candy” Sherese Timeless™ 5:36 2011
Rese™ Rock “Pink Hotel” Sherese Timeless™ 5:09 2011
Rese™ Rock “Go ____Your Magazine” Sherese Timeless™ 3:52 2011
Rese™ Rock “Green Pea Strings” Sherese Timeless™ 3:32 2011
Rhet™ Blues “Can’t Run From The Blues” Sherese Timeless™ 3:32 2011
Rhet™ Blues “Chickory and Beignets” Sherese Timeless™ 3:30 2011
Rhet™ Blues “It’s Raining Black” Sherese Timeless™ 5:58 2011
Rhet™ Blues “Only Got A Little of The Blues” Sherese Timeless™ 5:32 2011
Rhet™ Blues “Where’s My Sun” Sherese Timeless™ 5:27 2011
Sech™ Groove “Grana Tree” Sherese Timeless™ 6:12 2011
Sech™ Groove “Papaya” Sherese Timeless™ 3:40 2011
Sech™ Groove “Timeless Time” Sherese Timeless™ 4:24 2011
Sech™ Groove “Wake You Inside” Sherese Timeless™ 5:19 2011
Sech™ Groove “You Dance” Sherese Timeless™ 3:55 2011
Sere™ Jazz “Barb Wire” Sherese Timeless™ 6:48 2011
Sere™ Jazz “Broken” Sherese Timeless™ 4:55 2011
Sere™ Jazz “Candle” Sherese Timeless™ 7:26 2011
Sere™ Jazz “Crows” Sherese Timeless™ 5:13 2011
Sere™ Jazz “Green Light” Sherese Timeless™ 6:45 2011
Sere™ Jazz “Green Light” (just bass) Sherese Timeless™ 6:45 2011
Sere™ Jazz “Hope’s Door” Sherese Timeless™ 7:10 2011
Sere™ Jazz “Morning Moon” Sherese Timeless™ 6:27 2011
Sere™ Jazz “Soul Road” Sherese Timeless™ 9:39 2011
Sere™ Jazz “Stranded” Sherese Timeless™ 5:43 2011
Shes™ R&B “____ Teaser” Sherese Timeless™ 3:53 2011
Shes™ R&B “Kiss Me Soft” Sherese Timeless™ 4:59 2011
Shes™ R&B “On The Street” Sherese Timeless™ 5:26 2011
Shes™ R&B “Red Velvet Cake” Sherese Timeless™ 4:27 2011
Shes™ R&B “___ Before Coffee” Sherese Timeless™ 3:51 2011
Tien™ TropJazz™ “Corner Table” Sherese Timeless™ 5:15 2011
Tien™ TropJazz™ “Eye Dancing” Sherese Timeless™ 5:32 2011
Tien™ TropJazz™ “Firelight” Sherese Timeless™ 5:32 2011
Tien™ TropJazz™ “Leaning In” Sherese Timeless™ 5:09 2011
Tien™ TropJazz™ “Masquerade Smile” Sherese Timeless™ 4:32 2011
Tien™ TropJazz™ “Moonlight On The Roof” Sherese Timeless™ 5:36 2011
Tien™ TropJazz™ “Salty Sea Kiss” Sherese Timeless™ 4:59 2011
Tien™ TropJazz™ “Sun-Kissed Sea” Sherese Timeless™ 2:14 2011
Tien™ TropJazz™ “Twilight Sarau” Sherese Timeless™ 2:11 2011
Tien™ TropJazz™ “Whispered Daydreams” Sherese Timeless™ 5:32 2011

Sherese Chrétien - Singing

Music Performances

Entertainment LLC
8 Genres 2006 – Present Various
StageIt™-online Original Jazz 2014 – 2015 Paonia, Colorado
Second Life™-online Original Jazz 2014-2015 Paonia, Colorado
KAFM Radio Jazz 1998 Grand Junction, Colorado
The Station
Supper Club
Jazz 1997 Grand Junction, Colorado
US Gospel
Masters Choir
Gospel & Spirituals 1994 Across Cuba
Sherese & Chico
Brazilian 1992 Denver, Colorado
Family Weddings    R&B, Jazz & Originals 1984 – 2018 Various
CSU Jazz Choir Jazz 1987 – 1988 Fort Collins, Colorado
Solos Pop, R&B & Originals 1980 – 1984 Various
PHS Musical – Lead Play Scores 1979 Paonia, Colorado
PHS Swing Choir Pop, Jazz, R&B 1978-79 Various
PHS Quartet – Lead            Pop, R&B & Originals 1978-79 Paonia, Colorado
NYC Talent Originals 1978 New York City, NY
Reed Elementary    Christmas Solo 1968 Delta, Colorado
Quartet Various 1964 – 1971 Various

Sherese Chrétien - Satin Dress


Print Model      
Eliyora Entertainment LLC Music Personas 2006-Present Aspen, Colorado
Paradunai LLC Professional 2003 New Orleans, Louisiana
Colorado Springs Dance Theatre Advertising 1995 Colorado Springs, Colorado
Modiste Boutique Fashion 1995 Colorado Springs, Colorado
Derek Shoaff-Bembry Photography Fashion 1995 Fort Collins, Colorado
Bob Swerer Photography Professional 1988 Fort Collins, Colorado
Tim O’Hara Photography Fashion 1988 Fort Collins, Colorado
Theme Model      
Eliyora Entertainment, LLC Various 2006-Present Aspen, Colorado
Irving Watts (Artist) Vargas Tribute 1997 Denver, Colorado
Derek Shoaff-Bembry Gallery – Romance 1996 Boulder, Colorado
Derek Shoaff-Bembry Gallery – Outdoor 1993 Ault, Colorado
Clarke Photography Romance 1990 Fort Collins, Colorado
Ronna Webb Photography Outdoor 1988 Fort Collins, Colorado
Fashion Model      
Eliyora Entertainment, LLC Various 2006-Present Aspen, Colorado
Mt. Vernon Country Club Brazilian Carnival Dance 2000 Golden, Colorado
Mt. Vernon Country Club Brazilian Carnival Dance 1999 Golden, Colorado
Tara’s Boutique Runway 1997 Hotchkiss, Colorado
Mt. Vernon Country Club Brazilian Carnival Dance 1993 Golden, Colorado
Boulder Theatre Brazilian Carnival Dance 1992 Boulder, Colorado
Fort Collins Mall    “Lady In Red” 1989 Fort Collins, Colorado
JC Penney Mannequin 1989 Fort Collins, Colorado
Eliyora Entertainment, LLC Various 2006-Present Aspen, Colorado
Greenwich Jewelry Fine Fashion Jewelry 2008-2010 British Columbia, Canada
Élan Modeling Various  1989 Metro areas, Colorado
Giorgio Beverly Hills Fragrance 1989 Metro areas, Colorado
Colorado Crystal Spring Water 1987 Telluride, Colorado
Élan Modeling school Runway, Print, Spokesmodel 1988 Fort Collins, Colorado

Sherese Chrétien - Leopard


Eliyora Entertainment LLC Various 2006-Present                   Various
Tomorrow-TODAY™ TV Show 2016-2020 Aspen, Colorado
Caribbean Festival Dance 2001 Toronto, Ontario Canada
Channel 9 Dance TV Show 1993 Denver, Colorado
Trans Tae Kwon Do            Commercial 1992 Fort Collins, Colorado
Pulse Fitness Commercial 1990 Fort Collins, Colorado


Java Jazz Flying Logo Long


Curator, Producer,
1998-Present Aspen, Colorado
WWOZ Volunteer  2002-2005 New Orleans, Louisiana
KUVO Volunteer  1992-1997 Denver, Colorado
KVNF     News Director & Host,
Curator, Producer –
Jazz, R&B, Blues
1980-1985 Paonia, Colorado

Sherese Chrétien - Black Dress

Beauty Pageant (Scholarship)

Miss America Preliminary Miss GJ Pageant 1978 Grand Junction, Colorado

Sherese Chrétien - Fitness


FreeDance Fitness,™ Batucore,™ DeDans Studio™ Creator, Instructor 2013 – Present Various
Fitness Events Speaker 1988 – Present Various
Fitness Events Coach 1988 – Present Various
American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) Certified Personal Trainer 1988 – Present Various
International Dance Exercise Association (IDEA) Certified Aerobic Dance Instructor 1983 – Present Various

Sherese Chrétien -  II Satin Dress


Eliyora Entertainment LLC Various 2006-Present Various
Axe Capoeira Samba, Capoeira 2011 Vancouver, B.C. Canada
Harbour Dance Centre Hip Hop, Jazz 2010-2012 Vancouver, B.C. Canada
Colorado State University Ballet, Modern, Jazz 1986-1987 Fort Collins, Colorado
Carson City Ballet Co Ballet 1971-1972 Carson City, Nevada
Pink Panther Dancer Modern 1969 Paonia, Colorado
Quartet Various 1964-1971 Various

Sherese Chrétien - Martial Arts

Martial Arts

Qigong Instructor Michael Larsen 2024 Aspen, Colorado
Krav Maga Instructor Gabe Cohen 2017 Aspen, Colorado
       Capoeira            Instructor Ricardo de Faria 2012 Vancouver, B.C. Canada
Tae Kwon Do Instructor Hai Tran 1993 Fort Collins, Colorado


Eliyora Entertainment LLC Various 2006-Present Various
Community Theater Lead-Basketball
1989 Fort Collins, Colorado
CSU-Steel Magnolias Ousier 1989 Fort Collins, Colorado
CSU-Acting Class Various 1988 Fort Collins, Colorado
Community Theater Lead-Victorian
1979 Paonia, Colorado
HS Musical Lead-HS Girl 1979 Paonia, Colorado
Acting Competition Assistant
1977 Paonia, Colorado
HS Production Character-Town
1976 Paonia, Colorado
Junior High Production Lead-Victorian
1975 Paonia, Colorado
Sleeping Beauty Ballet Knitter 1972 Reno, NV
Elementary Production The Moon 1970 Paonia, Colorado
Talent Shows Cruella Deville,
Phyllis Diller,
Minnie Riperton,
Red Skelton
1968-1971 Paonia, Colorado
Creating Characters RumpBumpBill, Inagodadavida, etc. 1968-1971 Paonia, Colorado
Quartet Various 1964-1971 Various

Public Speaking

Eliyora Entertainment LLC Various 2006-Present Various
Paradunai LLC Development Consultant 1992-2006 Various
CSU Student Communications President 1989-1990 Fort Collins, Colorado
UN National
Speech Contest
1st Runner-Up 1978 New York City, NY
Oddfellows UN Pilgrimage Delegate 1978 New York City, NY
Girl’s State Delegate 1978 Boulder, Colorado
Competitive Speech State Qualifier 1977-1979 Various


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