Press Release: Zero-Edit Recording
Press Release: Zero-Edit Recording
by on 03.06.2015

Sherese Timeless-Originals™9-1-14

Zero Edit Recording

While the flavor of the minute music is constantly ramping up production, multi-dimensional artist/composer/producer Sherese Chrétien is paring it down.

“I just want to sound like I’m singing right in front of you — nothing more, nothing less.” she says.

She came up with “zero-edit recording” to describe her approach to recording and producing her original songs, which she does all by herself at her One Take Studios,™ as Sherese Timeless,™ her composer/producer persona.

She did hire a highly recommended, professional sound studio to produce her first recording and was shocked at the result. “I took it back, vowed to learn how to do it myself, then studied and worked at distilling my process down to the bare minimum. I figured out how to produce with zero editing on the vocals,” and One Take Studios™ was born.

Does that mean a lot of takes? “No,” she answers, “It means a lot of rehearsal, just like a live concert would,” adding that if it’s concert ready, it’s recording ready.

Her husband, Bhati Jayasuriya, who also loves technology, showed an interest in getting a hold of all the software she uses to record and produce her music, she had to draw the line. “He’s an engineer so I know how that would end up! I’ve worked so hard to deconstruct down to pure simplicity!”

So did she achieve her goal? “My grandma always said, ‘the proof is in the pudding.” You can listen to all of Chrétien’s original song releases free on Ever Entertainment,® another innovation of hers. It’s her Musician as Athlete business model, delivering her music as sponsored content free to her audience.

As if that is not enough enterprising for one artist, (30+ successful years in business development taught her well), she also has devised her “persona” approach, actually having 10 music personas each singing different genres. It’s a unique twist, giving her the freedom to pursue all the music she loves while consistently meeting each audience’s expectations (see The Triple Threat Turns Into Many More).

Chrétien is definitely proof that you can do anything you set your mind to.

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