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DIY Music Sponsorship Journal – 10/17/14

10/17/14 All right — let’s see, I want to find some statistics on US computer users that may help me better understand my audience. According to the US Census Bureau, 74.8% of all households in America had access to the internet at home in 2012 — that means my total audience potential is 74.8% of […]

DIY Music Sponsorship Journal – 10/13/14

Okay, I defined my “brand.”  Now I need to zero in on defining my target market. Target Market: I now need to figure out who exactly my audience is. It is too idealistic and impractical to think everyone. Again, I need to leave my ego at the door, and zero in as tight as possible […]

DIY Music Sponsorship Journal – 10/3/14

For 10-3-14 Got my Sponsorship policy finished! Now we’re on to creating my Sponsorship Strategy — or basically my Sponsorship Marketing Plan. This is where the “rubber meets the road.” I have to be able to demonstrate to potential sponsors that I can capture and retain my audience. I also need research, rather than a […]

DIY Music Sponsorship Journal – 9/29/14

9-29-14 10:00am Okay.  Let’s see, next I need to develop a Sponsorship Policy to guide my efforts — a bird’s eye view.  It might seem that creating a policy would really only be necessary if there are more than one person involved in your sponsorship efforts, but I think it is important to set the […]

DIY Music Sponsorship Journal – 9/26/14

9-26-14 11:00am Well, here I am.  I’ve fleshed out my business plan as far as I can.  Business Plan?  For music?  That’s right!  If I intend to make music my business, I have to treat it like one.  So I’ve created a business plan using an online template.  There’s a lot of them, and all […]