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JavaJazz® Radio

JavaJazz® Radio Welcome. JavaJazz® Radio with host Ziyna,™ is a radio show that began broadcasting in 1998 on KAFM located in Grand Junction, CO and worldwide on JavaJazz® can now be heard on our own internet radio station at Join us as we “traipse the jazz timeline and visit the lands of coffee […]

Press Release: The Triple Threat Just Turned Into Many More

9-1-2014 The Triple Threat Just Turned into Many More Multi-dimensional Performer/Entrepreneur Sherese Chrétien is Taking Multi-Talented to a Whole New Level. She has ten music personas so far — eight of which have already released music online at Ever Entertainment® (her answer to the state of the entertainment industry — read more here), and 10 […]

Bossa Nova Music
Bossa Nova Music

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” – Leonardo Da Vinci Sometimes, you have to get quiet to hear… Such is the story of Bossa Nova and it’s originator, Bahian Joao Gilberto.  You’d never guess he started out with the goal to be the best Frank Sinatra-style singer in Brazil. Destiny had a different calling for Gilberto, […]