Celtic Mythology
by on 07.06.2015

Celtic Mythology

GlendaloughCeltic mythology: While we tend to associate fairies, leprechauns and elves with the Celts, versions of these and the rest of Celtic mythology can be found throughout the ancient kin of the Celts — ancestors of most modern Europeans, the Persians and the East-Indians.   We’ve just heard more about the Celtic version, thanks in no small part to the spread of Celtic songs round the world.

Their mythology sprang up from a shared culture that saw everything in nature as alive and full of the divine, as they came together around a communal fire in the Steppes of Central Asia, with the first signs we’ve found so far dating back as far as 8000 B.C.  While etymological similarities can link them all together, as each group fanned out across Europe, and down to Persia and India, their language changed from the Proto Indo-European they all once shared, and each of their mythologies necessarily took on the realities of their new environments.

Even though Celts adopted Christianity, and various attempts were made to stomp the mythology out of them, it never worked.  As soon as Celts begin to sing, the magic ignites again, and the ancient dance begins anew.

Open the door to Celtic mythology, reading from a collection of oral tradition captured on paper — the poems, the fairy tales, the legends.

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