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Gospel Music History

On a Sunday designated as “Colored Night” in 1911 Georgia, a young black boy named Thomas Andrew Dorsey attended a revival meeting, singing in the hastily assembled choir around the campfire. That experience made a lasting impression on him and started him on a journey to becoming the Father of Gospel Music. As a boy, […]

Groove (Neo-Soul) History

Well, Sech made up the name Groove Music and specifically, “Groove Music for Lifemates” — but it was conceived out of the sweet, smooth side of Soul Music with one thing on its mind. Soul Ballads from Aretha Franklin like “Givin’ Him Something He Can Feel,” James Brown, Otis Redding, Wilson Pickett, Tina Turner, Sam […]

Jazz Music History

by Sherese Timeless-Composer, Producer-Eliyora Entertainment The creation of Jazz is actually quite a bit more rambunctious than the Jazz History you’ve been told.  The story that Jazz was conceived in the brothels of Bourbon Street, well, just isn’t true.  When I read this story in an Introduction to Jazz textbook back in college, something just […]

Listen To Music Free

We know you want to listen to music free.  We know you have choices. How about listening to streaming music free where artists make the money?!  You can hear all of our music at Ever Entertainment, Whatever-Whenever-Wherever Entertainment, where Artists make 100% of the sponsor revenue generated on their channels and you enjoy free. We have […]

R&B Music History

It was Louis Jordan’s exuberance that lit the Rhythm & Blues fire, garnering him the title “Father of Rhythm & Blues” and prompting Billboard magazine to recognize this new black sound and finally change their “race” category to Rhythm & Blues in 1949.  Jordan, who had played sax and sang in Chick Webb’s big band, […]

Rock Music History

If Elvis Presley was the King of Rock n Roll, then Big Boy Arthur Crudup was the Father of Rock n Roll — which Elvis would readily admit, sending him a plaque shortly after his 1956 rise, acknowledging his debt to Crudup’s song “That’s All Right Mama.” In 1959, Presley reportedly put up the money […]

Why Music Sponsorship

        Why Music Sponsorship? January 2012 Hi, Sherese Chrétien here, the little “wizard” standing on the chair, working the knobs and gadgets behind the Eliyora Entertainment curtain, and now Ever Entertainment. We have chosen to focus on Music Sponsorship as our main source of revenue, placing all of our music exclusively on […]


  Meet the Artists of Eliyora Entertainment… Eliyora – Gospel | Eres – Celtic | Katiya – Brazilian | Olu – World | Rese – Rock | Rhet – Blues | Sech – Groove for Lifemates | Sere – Jazz | Shes – R&B | Tien – TropJazz |…   Eliyora Entertainment LLC.  Ever Entertainment™. […]

The Latest News
The Latest News

The Latest News | Press Release: Musician As Athlete | Press Release: The Triple Threat Just Turned Into Many More | Press Release: Late Just In Time | Press Release: A Hum Becomes a Song | Press Release: Zero-Edit Recording |   Eliyora Entertainment LLC.  Ever Entertainment.  © Paradunai LLC.  All international rights reserved.  All trademarks property of Paradunai LLC.  All personas, concepts and […]

DIY Music Sponsorship Journal
DIY Music Sponsorship Journal

Wondering how to do DIY Music Sponsorship?  Ride along with multi-dimensional artist Sherese Chrétien as she sets out on a journey to do just that. Journal Entries: | DIY Music Sponsorship Journal 9/26/14 | DIY Music Sponsorship Journal 9/29/14 | DIY Music Sponsorship Journal 10/03/14 | DIY Music Sponsorship Journal 10/13/14 | DIY Music Sponsorship Journal 10/17/14 | DIY Music Sponsorship […]