Artist Profile: Sech – Groove
by on 18.05.2015
Sech - Groove

Sech – “Groove Music for Lifemates”

Sech - Groove

New Female R&B Artist Sech brings you soul music featuring her “Groove Music for LifeMates” for while you and your lifemate are getting into, uh, yes, THAT groove with original songs composed and produced especially for her by Eliyora Entertainment’s™ Sherese Timeless™.  Sech’s vocals were recorded LIVE by One Take Studios™ using their Zero-Edit Recording™ — so you know she’s keeping it real!

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Hi Ziyna Ember™ here.  I’m in Sech’s place at 186,000 Velocity Street™ to give you a glimpse into Eliyora Entertainment’s™ singer of Groove Music for LifeMates.  Instead of a standard biography, I thought it would be more personal to let you get to know a bit of Sech through her own words.

Ziyna: Hi Sech!

Sech:  Hi Ziyna, thanks for coming by.  Can I offer you some Ambrosia?  I’m warning you, though, it really is an aphrodisiac — we had it last night!

Ziyna:  Too funny — that may be TMI!  Sure, I’ll take my chances.  Oh my gosh, this is amazing – melts all the way down.  Well, hum, okay — uh, tell me about Groove music — you say it is Music for LifeMates?  What does that mean?

Sech: (Laughs) Well, just how it sounds, I get to have the delicious fun of singing music made just for couples who are in love and have committed to staying that way for life!  Could there be anything more fun than that?

Ziyna: Well, sure, that does sound fun.  From a genre standpoint, your music style is closest to soul with an exotic rhythmic touch — why do you call it Groove?

Sech: (smirking) Why do you think?

Ziyna: Okayyyyyy.  Now I’m blushing!

Sech: Why?  Life’s too short to beat around the bush, Ziyna.  I aim to provide lovemaking soundtracks for LifeMates!  So I call it Groove music because it’s intended for when LifeMates are in — yes, that Groove!

We hear lots of music about the beginning — infatuation — and the end — lost love, I get to make music beyond all of that.  I get to make music about the everyday of making a lasting love, and as you’ll hear, it’s a lot more exciting and fun then it’s minimal media coverage would lead you to believe!

Ziyna: It’s true we mostly only hear about when the fire starts and when it burns out — so you’re focusing on how to keep the fire burning, steady and even.

Ziyna:  Sheez, Sech, you crack me up.  Okay – so we can now get a taste of your Groove music for LifeMates and this sizzling fire in your 1st single release?

Sech: Well, who said anything about a “steady even” fire — not me!

Sech: Yes!  I just released my first single “Timeless Time.”   It was composed and produced for me by Sherese Timeless, our very own composer/producer at Eliyora Entertainment™ and I just love how it sets the stage, if you will, for all of the Groove music yet to come!  I hope everyone will love it — especially all of you LifeMates out there!

I’m blown away by the arrangement she made on this one!  It’s like this Ambrosia for your ears!  You can enjoy it in one bite, or let each rhythm roll over you one at a time, with four different rhythms going on, three different guitars, two basses, and the tenor sax grabbing a solo — I just love it!

Ziyna: We can’t wait to hear it!   And if it is anything like this Ambrosia — well, you will have accomplished your Groove goal, Sech!  What’s next?

Sech: Well, I’m happy to say that Sherese Timeless has already composed a collection of songs just for me.

I couldn’t have imagined anything better — her lyrics can all of a sudden transport you out of the simplest of everyday scenes to that place where you can only see each other.  Delightful!

And the arrangements are just as amazing as on “Timeless Time,”  I just need to get them recorded and released, which I’m now working on.

Ziyna: Sounds intriguing — we’ll look forward to more.  Thanks for letting me stop by and unravel the mystery of this “Groove Music for LifeMates” for our audience.  Sounds like you’re on a great adventure — and an admirable one.  “LifeMates” need all the support they can get these days!   We wish you the best.

Sech: Thanks for coming by — I really appreciate it, Ziyna.  Here let me wrap up some Ambrosia for you to take home and enjoy this evening! (Giggling).

Ziyna: You know what — I’ll take it!  Thanks!  See ya!


Ziyna Ember is Eliyora Entertainment’s™ resident music journalist/dj/vj.  Tune in with Ziyna for all things happening on 186,000 Velocity Street.™

Eliyora Entertainment LLC.  Ever Entertainment.  © Paradunai LLC.  All international rights reserved.  All trademarks property of Paradunai LLC.  All personas, concepts and original songs created and performed by Sherese Chrétien.



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