Artist Profile: Katiya – Brazilian
by on 18.05.2015
Katiya - Brazilian

Katiya – Brazilian

Katiya - Brazilian

New Artist Katiya brings you Brazilian music as deliciously cool as chocolate mango ice cream on a sizzling hot day with original songs composed and produced especially for her by Eliyora Entertainment’s™ Sherese Timeless.  Katiya’s vocals were recorded LIVE by One Take Studios™ using their Zero-Edit Recording™ — so you know she’s keeping it real!


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Hi Ziyna Ember here. I’m in Katiya’s place at 186,000 Velocity Street™ to give you a glimpse into Eliyora Entertainment’s™ singer of Brazilian music.

Instead of a standard biography, I thought it would be more personal to let you get to know a bit of Katiya through her own words.

Ziyna: Hi Katiya!

Katiya: Hi Ziyna, welcome! Would you like some fresh mango juice?

Ziyna: Sure! Thanks. Yum! So Katiya, why do you love to sing Brazilian music?

Katiya: Brazilian music…well it’s what I exist to sing! I’m on an exploration adventure and hope my audience will enjoy it as much as I do.

Ziyna: Are you Brazilian?

Katiya: Somewhere inside of me I must be! Something about Brazil, the people, culture, dance and music seems as familiar to me as my face in the mirror.

Ziyna: Really — what is it that you recognize?

Katiya: Well, say with the music, I love how playful it is, I love how wistful it can be at the same time. There is joy and yet, it can have a bittersweetness to it that touches me to the core — well, and the rhythm, that goes without saying!

I suppose it is how I see life — there is bitter and sweet, but at the end of it all, if you choose to mix in the joy, you feel like you really lived, you really experienced life, and the gratefulness for life is there.

Ziyna: Wow! I identify with what you’re saying about the playfulness of Brazilian music, but I had never thought about it that deeply. Interesting point of view. So now, we can experience this interpretation in your first song release?

Katiya: Yes! The first song I’ve released is “Come To Me Awake.” It was composed especially for me by Sherese Timeless, our very own composer at Eliyora Entertainment™ and I just love it! I hope everyone else will, too.

She made a lush arrangement for me on this one, with soft Bossa Nova guitar, pianos, bass, brushes and threw in some undulating congas — very nice.

It definitely fits in that wistful feel I was talking about — a yearning for a haunting love only dreamed of.

Ziyna: Sounds great! Can’t wait to hear it! What’s next after this?

Katiya: Several more songs have been composed for me already — now I just need to get them recorded and released, which I’m working on.

There is a mix of Bossa Nova with a little Samba thrown in.

I’m especially looking forward to doing the ones with just Bossa Nova guitar and vocals. I’ve always loved this Joao Gilberto style, just soft singing and exquisite guitar.

Then the others bring in more instrumentation — more Antonio Carlos Jobim style with a piano lead, complemented with flute, bass and Bossa rhythms.

The Samba, of course, is just pure fun, with some very interesting instrument choices that I won’t give away, I’d rather surprise you!

Ziyna: Sounds great! I love surprises! So Bossa Nova and Samba — do you plan to do any other styles of Brazilian Music?

Katiya: As I explore more and more the different styles and nuances in Brazilian music, I can then get with Sherese Timeless and share what moves me, then she’ll compose songs for me from what I relate to her. So yes, I hope to provide my interpretation on more Brazilian styles as I go. They will, of course, unavoidably be our take on those styles — but if it moves us, our hope is it will move our audience as well. The wonderful thing is I can explore it all — for instance, I love Milton Nascimento. His music is so personal and almost ethereal feeling to me.

Ziyna: We can’t wait to hear your explorations and adventures in Brazilian Music! Thanks so much, Katiya — oh, and thanks for the delicious mango juice, that really hit the spot!

Katiya: (Laughs) Sure Ziyna! Thanks for stopping by — I appreciate it!

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